SAPM Jawad Sohrab Malik and Qatari Minister H.H. Al Nuaimi Forge Paths in Education Cooperation

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (SAPM OP&HRD) Jawad Sohrab Malik held a constructive and productive discussion with the esteemed Minister of Education and Higher Education, Qatar, Her Highness Buthania Bint ali Al Jabr Al Nuaimi, on various aspects of mutual cooperation and collaboration.

During the discussion, both parties emphasized the crucial role of educated women in the economy and society. They acknowledged the significance of empowering women through education and employment opportunities, recognizing the positive impact it can have on the overall development of a nation. It was highlighted that Qatar is focused on education as per their Vision 2030, aiming to enhance the quality of education and promote lifelong learning. Similarly, Pakistan is keen on exporting highly skilled and professional manpower in line with the Qatar’s Vision 2030, which emphasizes human resource development and capacity building. The SAPM floated the idea of introducing a training program for the Arabic language, aimed at benefiting workers and facilitating their integration into Qatari culture.

Her Highness (H.H), the Minister of Education of Qatar, emphasized the importance of education as a fundamental pillar of national development strategy, and reiterated Qatar's unwavering focus on providing quality education and services. The consideration of the Arabic training program was welcomed as a step towards further enriching the skill set of the workforce in Qatar.

In addition, H.H also commended the Pakistan International School (PIS) and expressed continued support for the initiative to open a separate Cambridge branch of PIS, recognizing the growing Pakistani community in Qatar. This move is expected to benefit the Pakistani diaspora and contribute to the fulfillment of Qatar's national Vision 2030. The meeting concluded with a commitment to further explore opportunities for collaboration in the field of education and human resource development, with a shared vision of fostering mutual growth and prosperity. During the meeting the SAPM was accompanied by the Ambassador of Pakistan to Qatar and Community Welfare Attaches.