Jawad Sohrab Malik SAPM on Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development emphasizes operationalization of WWF Initiatives country-wide especially in merged areas and Baluchistan:

Mr. Jawad Sohrab Malik, Special Advisor to Prime Minister on Overseas & Human Resource Development (SAPM) visited the office of Worker Welfare Fund. He emphasized on the operationalisation and enhancement of the Workers Welfare Fund (WWF)’s projects across Pakistan for the poor segments of the society. The inaugural meeting, held at the WWF Secretariat in Islamabad, focused on accelerating and fortifying initiatives in the country especially in mostly backward region newly merged FATA Districts and Baluchistan.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Muhammad Jawad Sohrab Malik, SAPM Overseas & HRD who steered the deliberations regarding multifaceted dimensions of the Workers Welfare Fund and its ongoing and upcoming ventures.

On arrival at WWF Secretariat, Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad, Secretary WWF, extended a warm welcome to the distinguished Guest and offered a detailed overview of the landscape of completed, ongoing, and forthcoming development projects initiated by WWF. A distinct emphasis was placed on projects within erstwhile merged districts of FATA and Baluchistan. Mr. Ahmad also outlined the challenges impeding the operationalisation of the five hospitals in Baluchistan constructed by WWF and presented a comprehensive account of WWF's liquid and fixed assets. Special focus was laid on the wellbeing of mine workers in various parts of the country.

The SAPM directed that pending projects need to be prioritized including five (5) hospitals at Pishin, Nokundi, Muslim-Bagh, Dalbandin and Chamalang in Baluchistan along with Girls High School District Sibi, and stressed on stone-laying for construction of Labour Colony (100 quarters) and Girls High School at Muslim-Bagh, District Qilla Saifullah, Baluchistan. Mr. Muhammad Jawad Sohrab Malik, SAPM on Overseas & HRD directed WWF to prioritize and expedite on-going projects approved by the Governing Body (GB) of WWF. He further directed to intimate any bottlenecks in these projects so that the same are resolved at appropriate forum. He emphasized to accelerate efforts to uplift the lives of workers and their families- an often-neglected segment of society.
SAPM on Overseas & HRD directed Secretary WWF to put forward proposals for new projects for approval of the Governing Body to be approved in principle to facilitate the poor segments of the society.

SAPM on Overseas & HRD further tasked Secretary WWF to provide a comprehensive overview of WWF’s initiatives regarding other welfare measures which can be quickly materialized to provide maximum relief to the workers across the country. Lastly, SAPM on Overseas & HRD also directed to provide details regarding liquid and fixed assets of WWF to strategize ways for better management and turn them into profitable enterprises.  

The meeting ended with a formal vote of thanks by Secretary WWF to Mr. Muhammad Jawad Sohrab Malik for his leadership, guidance and interest in the WWF’s initiatives for the welfare of workers. As token of gratitude, mementos were presented to worthy SAPM on Overseas & HRD.