Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Services Offered by the Community Welfare Wing, Embassy of PAKISTAN, Baghdad


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What is the procedure for documents attestation in Embassy/Mission?

Any document made/prepared from Pakistan must be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad and relevant departments and then Embassy/Mission will attest.

Any document prepared in Iraq is attested by Mission, upon attestation by the MoFA and relevant department.  


What is the procedure for sending deceased person from Iraq to Pakistan?

The CW Wing prepares the required legal documents and after getting the required affidavit by the family duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad Embassy issue the authorization letter in the same of the person nominated. The cost of transporting the dead body from Iraq to Pakistan approximately is US$ 6500/-.


What is the procedure of new OPF membership card and benefits?

OPF Card made through online OPF portal i.e The detail of benefits attached with OPF portal Cards is available on


What are various types of visa issued by Government of Iraq?








Following are the various types of visas issued by Government of Iraq.

Type of Visa

Labour visa



Work permit visa

Ziyarat Visa



What is the procedure of person if he has lost of passport?

The Mission issue ETD after getting approval from Head of Mission. He can get the new MRP passport by applying online in Pakistan or in case he need urgent travel. Mission can issue ETD upon fulfill all legal requirements or Manual passport.


What is the procedure of new passport?

Any person required new passport or renewal, he must visit the Embassy with all required documents and the Mission will issue manual passport to them. As the MRP facility is not available in Mission.


What is the procedure for sending remittances to Pakistan?

He can send the remittances through western union and through his bank in which he maintaining the accounts. 


What are the primary challenges faced by Overseas Pakistanis in Iraq?

Many Pakistanis living in Iraq are undocumented, lacking a legal residence permit. Moreover, a considerable number of individuals are involved in illegal activities. The urgent requirement is for legal visas and work permits to allow them to work in Iraq securely and within the bounds of the law.


What is the role of CW Wing for Pakistani prisoners in jail?

The CWA conducts visits to Iqama and jails upon receiving reports from Iqama/Jails to assist in their release and provide any other needed help for Pakistani prisoners.