Assigned Business

The assigned business of Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development as per Schedule-II of Rules of Business, 1973 (as amended up to 14th September, 2021) is as under: -

  1. National policy, planning and coordination regarding manpower development and employment promotion for intending overseas workers.
  2. Preparation of short and long-term programmes for manpower development and employment promotion abroad.
  3. Research into problems of overseas Pakistanis; promotion and coordination of measures best suited to resolving them and motivating Pakistani citizens abroad to strengthen their links with the mother country.
  4. Policy for linkages between the training of workers/labour force with the latest requirements abroad.
  5. Linkage of training imparted at training institutes like National Training Bureau, Pakistan Manpower Institute etc. with the efforts for increase in manpower export through Overseas Employment Corporation and Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment. This would also include close coordination and linkage with the Community Welfare Attaches abroad.
  6. Welfare of Pakistani emigrants abroad and their dependents in Pakistan.
  7. Periodic assessment, review and analysis of manpower resources and employment requirements overseas.
  8. Administrative control of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation.
  9. Special Selection Board for selection of Community Welfare Attaches for posting in Pakistan Missions abroad.
  10. Administration of: -
    1. the Emigration Ordinance, 1979, (XVIII of 1979) and;
    2. the Control of Employment Ordinance, 1965 (XXXII of 1965);
    3. the Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1971 (XXXVI of 1971);
    4. the Companies Profits (Workers Participation) Act, 1968 (XII of 1968); and
    5. the Employees’ Old Age Benefits Act, 1976 (XIV of 1976) including supervision and control of the employees’ old age benefits institutions.
  11. Administrative control of: -
    1. Overseas Employment Corporation; and
    2. Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment.
  12. Foreign Employment and Emigration.
  13. Administration of the Industrial Relations Act, 2012 (X of 2012), keeping a watch on labour legislation from international perspective, coordination of labour legislation in Pakistan and the Industrial Relations Commission.
  14. Dealing and agreements with international organizations in the fields of labour and social security